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Carpet Repair

We can repair many carpet problems you may have. Whether it’s a tear, hole, a trim that’s worn or a seam that’s come open, we can help you.

Carpet Stretching

Over time many carpets “relax” after being walked on. This actually causes the backing of the carpet to stretch or “expand”. This is where those waves or humps in carpet come from.

Sometimes this can be caused from age and backing deterioration too. In most cases, your carpet can be re-stretched to remove the humps. Allowing the humps to stay, especially in main walk areas, can cause permanent damage to the carpet backing. We’ve been re-stretching carpet for over 15 years.

Call us to discuss the issue you may be having. In many cases we can give you a pretty close estimate over the phone. In other cases we may recommend coming out to give you  a free quote.

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